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Disclaimer & Warnings

All cartridges offered for sale on this web site are sold as, and described as, completely inert.

The cartridges that are offered for sale on this web site are for display purpose and collection purpose ONLY.The propellant has been removed, the primers have been oiled which renders them inert. Also the primers have been punched although some photos will not show this. The cartridge cases have a small hole drilled in them to render them totally useless for reloading to comply with tougher European legislation. Tracer bullets have had all the tracer compound element removed. Amour piercing bullets have had the amour piercing core removed. The cartridges are not intended for reloading.

All items sold by Bayonets & Bullets have been in contact with gun oil and lead. Bayonets & Bullets advises all individuals that may handle any of these bayonets and inert cartridges to wash hands thoroughly before eating, smoking or handling food items.

Welcome to Bayonets & Bullets

Welcome to Bayonets and Bullets website. Here you will find a selection of bayonets for sale, including socket bayonets and knife bayonets. The bayonets for sale are searchable by country. Click on the bayonet button and from the list choose your desired country.Our online store is fully searchable, simply enter your key word in the search box at the top of the page.

Also, we have inert cartridges for sale. For the ammunition collector, they are categorised by calibre, country and manufacturer. So, whether you collect inert ammunition or headstamps, there should be something there for you.If not, please email us as we might have not listed it yet.

The site is updated on a regular basis and over the next few months more and more bayonets and inert ammunition, including calibres of 20mm and over, will be added.

So, whether it’s inert cartridges or bayonets please feel free to browse. Regarding delivery it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the postal regulations of the country you live in. Orders will be shipping as standard post.

We buy militaria, collections or single items. Absolute discretion is assured, and we will travel within Ireland, UK and mainland Europe to view. Please contact us for details.

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